Thursday, November 15, 2012

To-do list

So Yasune has been on hold since I've been very occupied with school (and anime and Minecraft). So I thought, in the meantime, I would set some goals:

Firstly, as I said in the last post, I would like to rerecord Yasune's voicebank. It will become Yasune's soft voicebank, since she normally has a very soft voice and I would like to keep it that way in the initial rerecord.

Secondly, I would like to make a strong voicebank for Yasune. There'll be 2 separate voicebanks, the soft one and the strong one. There are so many songs I'd like to use Yasune for, but with her voice as soft as it is, it just doesn't really fit properly. So I'd like to record a secondary voicebank, using a stronger voice, so I can use either depending on which one suits the song better.

Third, I want to give her a costume redesign. I'll keep her old costume as well but I'd like a proper UTAU costume with a custom headset and everything. I'm almost done designing her headset, but I'm not the best with costume design so the rest will probably take a while. I'm a little bit sad because I'd really like to use bright colors like hot pink or sea-foam green or orange (or all 3!), but I just feel like it would be straying too far from her character design that I've already established if I don't use white and purples. I don't even like purple! Ugh! Oh well.

Fourth, I need to once and for all figure out how to alias her voicebank so it's both in romaji and hiragana. I feel like this should actually be at the top of the list, but it feels sort of daunting, so it's not. Heh.

Fifth, I'd like to make a lot more art for Yasune. I barely have any art for her and to be honest, the stuff I have I don't like. So I would really like to make some more art for her, as well as then I'll have broader options to use for videos when I make more songs with her.

And sixth, of course, I want to make more songs with her!

Also, as an update, someone used Yasune for the first time! Wooooo! It's a medley with a whopping 67 UTAU's!! It's absolutely incredible, and I'm so honored that someone liked Yasune-chan enough to use her. The video is here, and it's by a lovely person named AMBIENTloids. Go check 'em out!