Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Exciting news!

My dearest friend, Luna, was kind enough to alias Yasune's voicebank for me!  So, she can now officially be used in both romaji and hiragana!  Her new voicebank with the updates as well as her icon and info update can be downloaded here.

In other news, I also have been working on several songs for her, and a few of them have been finished and uploaded.  I'll post them at the bottom of the post, along with each video's artwork.  Incidentally, the songs I've fully finished (as you'll see) are Dark Woods Circus and -ERROR; I've finished STROBO NIGHTS but haven't done the artwork yet, and CANDY CANDY and iNSaNiTY are both still in the process of being mixed.

Also, small tweak to her design - her mouthpiece has been removed from her headset.  Why?  Because I always forget to draw it in, that's why.  I don't see why she needs it, anyway, if she's an UTAUloid, she might as well just be able to amplify her own voice without the aid of a mic.  So, no mouthpiece for Yasune.

(she's not wearing gloves because I forgot to draw them felt it made her look more vulnerable)