Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pre-made UST's are simultaneously epic win and epic fail.

Epic win because I can't make them by myself, evidently.  I suck.  I suck out loud.
Epic fail because most of the ones I found are in...hiragana, I'm assuming, and therefore not compatible with Yasune's voicebank. =)

I did find one site, though, that is amazing. -Link to the site of amazingness-  I'm using one of their UST's for "Melt" at the moment, because it is...thankfully, mostly in romaji.  The rest I can fill in by myself.  I do have to tweak it a lot, because Yasune's voice is still a bit wonky, and doesn't totally fit the tempo very well, but it's still better than nothing. XD

Yasune-chan's voice sounds so strange with vibrato to me after hearing it totally flat for so long. XD (Also, is it just me, or does she sound like a little baby? X3)
But, anyways, the first time she's ever sung with background music!  I'm so proud of my baby for progressing this far. ;_;
(It's just a little snippet since this is all I've done so far -_-;;;)

All credit goes to the ~epic~epic~epic~ person who made this UST and who has therefore made my life a whole lot easier!

Also, I figured I'd set up a YouTube account for when I can actually get her to sing properly, so, I did.  The username's ShardsOfMemories. =3 I thought it fit the idea of MEMloids pretty well, ne?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

*pulls out a jackhammer*

Well, this place is officially under construction until it decides to cooperate.  What's the name of this thing again?  Blogger?  Blogspot?  I dunno.  Who cares.  Anyways.  Apparently, it doesn't like linked anchors (for those of you who do not speak HTML, that's a link that takes you to somewhere else in the same page), and it messes up all my coding every time I try to use one, which is very annoying since I kind of NEED to use them.  Rawr.  Anyways. 
Once I make enough UTAUloids, I may actually have to make a seperate blog for each of them to compensate for all the room their character info takes up (I know, I go overboard in the charrie info, but it's fun!).

In other news, the ever-brilliant Luna-chan got my baby Yasune onto the actual, regular UTAUloids page on the UTAU wikia.  *gives Luna a great big hug for her über-amazingness*

Also, speaking of the über-amazing Luna-chan, we're going to be making a set of twin UTAUloids for my MEMORY series =D Of course, that is, if she can survive her first oto.ini. Bahaha, just kidding. ;)  Anyways, though, really.  She's great.  Go give her a cookie or something.

In the meantime, I'll be trying to get this mess of a place to resemble some form of professional organization.
*sweat drop* Wish me luck....


Well, I decided to move!  This will be the home page, I guess you would call it, for any and all UTAUloids I've made/will make, but they'll each have their own individual sites too so they have room to spread out. XDDD

Friday, October 29, 2010

Actually making progress o.o'

Well, I got Yasune-chan onto the UTAU Wikia.  Her page doesn't actually pop up on the UTAUloids page (not sure how to link it there), but it is there.  Somewhere.  Hiding deep in the shadows.  Well, anyways, a link: Click it! You know you want to. ;)

My dear friend Luna-chan (who also is plowing through the hell that is making an UTAUloid) got hers onto the Wikia as well.  Her UTAUloid's page is here (Ignore her UTAUloid's sucktastic picture.  I told her to keep the one she had drawn, but instead put the one I drew in there.  Biiiiig mistake.), and Luna-chan's blog is here.  Go check it out.  Seriously.  Now. =3

In other news, I started working on Kage's (Yasune's fraternal twin brother) voicebank (having to use my "boy voice" to record is simultaneously frustrating and hilarious), and I also got his avatar done:
(The avatar is obviously much smaller than this. -_-;;;)

I also came up with the term MEMloid =D Which is what my UTAUloids are gonna be called. (MEM is short for MEMORY, by the way.)  Y'know. Since "Nagori" means "memory".  Yasune and Kage's names are approximately equivalet (with just a teeeeny bit of changing around the form of the words) to "Peaceful Memories" and "Shadowy Memories".

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working very hard on Yasune 2.0!

That's a downright lie.

Okay! So! Actually, I've just been messing around, making little snippets of songs for no real reason. And it's so much more fun to make songs that aren't actually in Japanese. Yasune-chan's "Engrish" is pretty hilarious. Her Korean isn't quite as bad, but as I know absolutely no Korean and have to do the whole thing from lyrics sites/by ear, it's not too good either.
I wouldn't even bother, but dude. It's G-Dragon.
For those of you (I know, I'm only talking to myself and Luna, but it's fun to pretend like I'm talking to a ton of people XD) who don't know, I'm a major fangirl of the Korean rapper/singer/dancer/songwriter/producer (that's a lot of /'s) G-Dragon. Who is amazing.

I am, however, working a tiny bit. If I hear something that still doesn't sound right (in the middle of my messing around), I go tweak it in her oto.ini file. So. Y'know. I'm not totally just loafing around. Although that's most of it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three cheers for being lazy~

Well, I've gotten down to just 6 more sounds to finish Yasune's oto.ini. That'd take me, eh, probably 6 minutes.  And then Yasune 1.0 would officially be complete.


I don't feel like doing it!

I dunno why, but I'm always like this.  I have issues with finishing things.
That must have some sort of deep meaning. Some sort of mental block against closure.

Or maybe I'm just lazy. ;)


Well, I got over my bout of laziness and finished Yasune-chan's oto's.  So, Yasune 1.0 is officially up for download.  Whooo.  *sets off fireworks*

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, hullo everyone.  (Mainly talking to myself as no one is likely to stumble onto this page).  *waves arms around in a grand manner* Welcome to my beautiful little blog page that has absolutely nothing in it yet! Whoo! *blows one those little party...blower...thingies*

Well, down to brass tacks (whatever that means).  This blog was created for the sole purpose of hosting all my UTAUloids!  At the moment, I have a grand total of...1!  And I don't know if you could even really say that, as she's not done.  But I look forward to making more in the future!  (That's a total lie, it's a pain in the butt.)

So, have a look around if you like~