Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three cheers for being lazy~

Well, I've gotten down to just 6 more sounds to finish Yasune's oto.ini. That'd take me, eh, probably 6 minutes.  And then Yasune 1.0 would officially be complete.


I don't feel like doing it!

I dunno why, but I'm always like this.  I have issues with finishing things.
That must have some sort of deep meaning. Some sort of mental block against closure.

Or maybe I'm just lazy. ;)


Well, I got over my bout of laziness and finished Yasune-chan's oto's.  So, Yasune 1.0 is officially up for download.  Whooo.  *sets off fireworks*


  1. She's still not that great, I'm -hoping- Yasune 2.0 will be passable.