Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, hullo everyone.  (Mainly talking to myself as no one is likely to stumble onto this page).  *waves arms around in a grand manner* Welcome to my beautiful little blog page that has absolutely nothing in it yet! Whoo! *blows one those little party...blower...thingies*

Well, down to brass tacks (whatever that means).  This blog was created for the sole purpose of hosting all my UTAUloids!  At the moment, I have a grand total of...1!  And I don't know if you could even really say that, as she's not done.  But I look forward to making more in the future!  (That's a total lie, it's a pain in the butt.)

So, have a look around if you like~


  1. You want to make more, and you know it. :P

  2. Rawr rawr rawr. It's so much wooork. XD Me and work don't get along very well.

  3. You'll make another one. You and I both know it. :P

  4. Yeah yeah. XD I do have to make her brother Kage. It's a royal pain, but it has to be done.