Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working very hard on Yasune 2.0!

That's a downright lie.

Okay! So! Actually, I've just been messing around, making little snippets of songs for no real reason. And it's so much more fun to make songs that aren't actually in Japanese. Yasune-chan's "Engrish" is pretty hilarious. Her Korean isn't quite as bad, but as I know absolutely no Korean and have to do the whole thing from lyrics sites/by ear, it's not too good either.
I wouldn't even bother, but dude. It's G-Dragon.
For those of you (I know, I'm only talking to myself and Luna, but it's fun to pretend like I'm talking to a ton of people XD) who don't know, I'm a major fangirl of the Korean rapper/singer/dancer/songwriter/producer (that's a lot of /'s) G-Dragon. Who is amazing.

I am, however, working a tiny bit. If I hear something that still doesn't sound right (in the middle of my messing around), I go tweak it in her oto.ini file. So. Y'know. I'm not totally just loafing around. Although that's most of it.

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