Friday, October 29, 2010

Actually making progress o.o'

Well, I got Yasune-chan onto the UTAU Wikia.  Her page doesn't actually pop up on the UTAUloids page (not sure how to link it there), but it is there.  Somewhere.  Hiding deep in the shadows.  Well, anyways, a link: Click it! You know you want to. ;)

My dear friend Luna-chan (who also is plowing through the hell that is making an UTAUloid) got hers onto the Wikia as well.  Her UTAUloid's page is here (Ignore her UTAUloid's sucktastic picture.  I told her to keep the one she had drawn, but instead put the one I drew in there.  Biiiiig mistake.), and Luna-chan's blog is here.  Go check it out.  Seriously.  Now. =3

In other news, I started working on Kage's (Yasune's fraternal twin brother) voicebank (having to use my "boy voice" to record is simultaneously frustrating and hilarious), and I also got his avatar done:
(The avatar is obviously much smaller than this. -_-;;;)

I also came up with the term MEMloid =D Which is what my UTAUloids are gonna be called. (MEM is short for MEMORY, by the way.)  Y'know. Since "Nagori" means "memory".  Yasune and Kage's names are approximately equivalet (with just a teeeeny bit of changing around the form of the words) to "Peaceful Memories" and "Shadowy Memories".


  1. Ok, dude, first off, you gotta love me. I just got Yasune on the front page AND in the UTAUliod section. So none of this 'the picture I drew for Luna sucks.' XD

    Seeecond, you said you might do a second verson of her picture anyway. So there. Just make it the right dimensions this time. XD

    Thiiiird, you need to teach me how to draw.

  2. By the by... if you make Kage look a little more... 'dark' per say, it'll match his name and voice.

  3. Yes, yes, that was quite amazing that you managed that o.o But as long as the picture I drew is in there, I WILL keep complaining about how horrible it is. ;)

    And I already gave you the one with the right dimensions, you silly goose. Aaaand I know I promised I'd draw you a better one, but...thinking about it now, I'm just too gosh-dang lazy =_='

    You can already draw just fine, dingbat.

    And I'd make him look darker, only...see, kinda...the problem with me is...I don't know how. ^^' I have a picture of how I want something to look before I draw it, and then it just sort of turns out how it turns out, and I have no control over whether it's right or not. D= It just kinda...comes out not how I want it to at all and there's nothing I can do about it x_x