Tuesday, November 2, 2010

*pulls out a jackhammer*

Well, this place is officially under construction until it decides to cooperate.  What's the name of this thing again?  Blogger?  Blogspot?  I dunno.  Who cares.  Anyways.  Apparently, it doesn't like linked anchors (for those of you who do not speak HTML, that's a link that takes you to somewhere else in the same page), and it messes up all my coding every time I try to use one, which is very annoying since I kind of NEED to use them.  Rawr.  Anyways. 
Once I make enough UTAUloids, I may actually have to make a seperate blog for each of them to compensate for all the room their character info takes up (I know, I go overboard in the charrie info, but it's fun!).

In other news, the ever-brilliant Luna-chan got my baby Yasune onto the actual, regular UTAUloids page on the UTAU wikia.  *gives Luna a great big hug for her über-amazingness*

Also, speaking of the über-amazing Luna-chan, we're going to be making a set of twin UTAUloids for my MEMORY series =D Of course, that is, if she can survive her first oto.ini. Bahaha, just kidding. ;)  Anyways, though, really.  She's great.  Go give her a cookie or something.

In the meantime, I'll be trying to get this mess of a place to resemble some form of professional organization.
*sweat drop* Wish me luck....


Well, I decided to move!  This will be the home page, I guess you would call it, for any and all UTAUloids I've made/will make, but they'll each have their own individual sites too so they have room to spread out. XDDD

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