Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pre-made UST's are simultaneously epic win and epic fail.

Epic win because I can't make them by myself, evidently.  I suck.  I suck out loud.
Epic fail because most of the ones I found are in...hiragana, I'm assuming, and therefore not compatible with Yasune's voicebank. =)

I did find one site, though, that is amazing. -Link to the site of amazingness-  I'm using one of their UST's for "Melt" at the moment, because it is...thankfully, mostly in romaji.  The rest I can fill in by myself.  I do have to tweak it a lot, because Yasune's voice is still a bit wonky, and doesn't totally fit the tempo very well, but it's still better than nothing. XD

Yasune-chan's voice sounds so strange with vibrato to me after hearing it totally flat for so long. XD (Also, is it just me, or does she sound like a little baby? X3)
But, anyways, the first time she's ever sung with background music!  I'm so proud of my baby for progressing this far. ;_;
(It's just a little snippet since this is all I've done so far -_-;;;)

All credit goes to the ~epic~epic~epic~ person who made this UST and who has therefore made my life a whole lot easier!

Also, I figured I'd set up a YouTube account for when I can actually get her to sing properly, so, I did.  The username's ShardsOfMemories. =3 I thought it fit the idea of MEMloids pretty well, ne?

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