Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back, possibly.

So. I disappeared for a while again. Although in all fairness it wasn't for nearly as long as usual.

So here's the dealio. Basically that guy who was going to help me alias Yasune's voicebank contacted me again (way a long time ago, this was not by any means recent) and said that before he did anything I would need to rerecord her entirely first. I don't remember the reason why. And unfortunately, due to my mic being broken, that wasn't a possibility so I basically told him thank you but never mind. So, from the looks of it, she's just not going to be aliased. I actually might try again myself on different computers if I can get my hands on them and see if the outcome is any different, but that's not going to be happening just now.

Anyway so that happened and while I'm sure he meant nothing necessarily bad by it, I really love Yasune, she's my baby, so I kind of took it a little hard. I know, I know. I need to grow a thicker skin. But, I'm bad with any kind of negative feedback/criticism so I got kind of discouraged and abandoned Yasune for a little while, the awful mother that I am.

I've recently started having her sing a new song though! It's truly not really suited to her voice but I wanted to do it just for fun. And doing so made me remember how much I love her and how happy having her sing makes me. She's not perfect, not by far, but I made her and I love her. So I'm going to try to not disappear for such long periods of time from now on. I want to try to make using her a routine thing that I do frequently.

Oh and also my mic is -possibly- working again so I can -maybe- rerecord her now. It's a little iffy. But the thing is... While I know I really need to rerecord her, I recorded her so long ago when my voice was a bit higher that I'm scared she'll sound different now and I don't want that because I love her the way she is. So I'm just gonna have to play it by ear I suppose.

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