Wednesday, August 29, 2012

JBF is done! =D

I'm really really so happy with how Just Be Friends turned out. Even though I really can't take any credit except for Yasune's voice and fiddling around a VERY VERY tiny bit with the timing. The credit for the ust goes fully to LASTreminis. It's probably the best ust I've come across, honestly, because Yasune is just usually so fiddly and I barely had to fix ANYTHING. Anyways, here's the finished thing!

A side-note, the picture didn't actually turn out how I originally intended, simply because I got lazy. She was supposed to have another arm, actually, with her pinky finger tied with a red thread (google the red thread of fate if you don't know about that) leading off to the side of the picture...but I just got bored and wanted to get it up on YouTube (and didn't feel like drawing fingers) to be perfectly honest! This is the picture with the original outline I had overlayed on it so you can see what I originally intended (and obviously I would have drawn in her fingers):

But yeah, oh well, I'm pretty happy with the picture how it is, anyway, thinking back I almost like the one I went with better because in the original one her arm is at a slightly awkward angle? I dunno. Either way I'm cool with it.

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