Sunday, January 20, 2013

About to punch someone in the face, seriously

So I started trying to alias Yasune's voicebank because her voicebank currently is only in romaji. Didn't work. Like at all. The characters kept coming up as ?'s. So I looked it up and apparently you have to install the Japanese keyboard and set your computer locale to Japan, also. So, done and done. And after following every single instruction, uninstalling and reinstalling UTAU SIX TIMES, and multiple restarts, it STILL won't work. Even with my locale set to Japan and everything, UTAU without the English patch is just those weird symbols, definitely not Japanese. And whenever I try to type hiragana into the alias box, it'll show up, and then immediately disappear, and then I can't type anything in the box again without x'ing out and trying again. And if I paste them in, ?'s again. THIS IS A BUNCHA BULL. I swear I followed everyone's instructions to the letter, and I'm just having no luck at all with it.

So, instead, I am now renaming all of her files to hiragana and am going to attempt to alias them in romaji. UGH.

So I just finished doing that and it doesn't work. At all. None of them will play. So, sorry guys, she's not going to have an aliased voice bank. It's just not going to happen. I did everything I possibly could.

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