Saturday, January 26, 2013

PONPONPON finished!

So I cracked down on myself and finished PONPONPON today. Why? Because my lovely moirail Senna hates that song and the prospect of creating something that forces her to listen to it fills me with unadulterated glee. It's kind of like poking someone repeatedly with a stick, but that stick is made of repetitive, sparkly, bubblegummy music. But you know I love you, Senna-chan. ♥ All in good fun, dear!

I'm actually super super happy at how it turned out! I'm sure most of that credit is due to TheBonnieTung, who made the UST! Thank you very much, TheBonnieTung!

So here ya go:

The art is...really, really poor. But. I was having a hard time with it so eventually I was just like, whatever, screw it, it'll be a sketch and everyone will just have to deal.

But anyways, yeah!

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