Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yeah, fourth post of the day. So sue me.

I'm redesigning Yasune! Yeah, you heard me. Not her physical features, but her outfit and possibly her hairstyle (not color, STYLE). Her original outfit and style will remain as a sort of costume that can be used if someone wants to, but her canon UTAU costume is going to be a little more recognizable.

Updates to come later!

Progress Edit 1:

So I've finished designing her headphones! Possibly the most important part of her design, since it will be showing on her icon in the UTAU program itself. Here's my design of it - I'm pretty happy with it, so I don't think I'll end up tweaking it any:

As you can probably tell, I'm going to be moving away from her current violet and white color palette and moving into pinker territory. I feel like it would go nicer with her green hair (I don't know, I like pink and light green together, it looks nice, imo). I feel like I wanna throw at least one other color in there as well besides the white, when I get to her outfit. Not sure what though, yet. Maybe either a gold-yellow or something like aqua or teal?

Sorta-Kinda Progress Edit so like 1.5:

Well I got tired of drawing so I had her sing Dear You instead. I'm not gonna upload it because a lot of the timing is really wonky and tbh I'm too lazy to fiddle with it, but I'll keep it to listen to because why not.

Progress Edit 2:

So I've finally decided on a costume design! And oh my gosh I'm so happy with it. I haven't drawn it up properly yet though, it' the moment, it's just a rough sketch on a napkin. Heheh. I'll get on drawing it up properly soon!

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