Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forward motion!

So I'm back! It seems like every time I get the motivation to do something with Yasune, I lose it almost as soon as I've begun... But anyway.

I actually haven't gotten any of my planned stuff done..heheh... But, I do have a few things to report!

First of all, I'm working on 2 songs with Yasune simultaneously at the moment, "Last Night, Good Night" which is almost done - I may have it done tonight, as a matter of fact - and "PONPONPON" which I'm doing for the heck of it because it's one of those songs just just drives me a little bit nuts but in a good way. That one's gonna take a little longer because I'm having a small timing issue with the UST and I'm lazy. So y'know.

Secondly, and even more exciting! Yasune's been used by someone other than me for the very first time as a whole song! And they even drew her! Man! When I found the video I was SO happy and thrilled that they liked Yasune-chan enough to use her. Again, it's AMBIENTloids... I'm really getting to like them, haha! And they're so talented! Here's the video, and seriously, check them out, because they are way better with UTAUs than I am. Bahaha. And I'm a little ashamed to say that the best art so far of Yasune is by them, wah, I need to work on that...

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